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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 10, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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when we first came in it was clear but we've picked up clouds here. >> i'm making a face because three dogs just walked into the studio. >> they're upstaging you, john, they're big white dogs. >> pyrenees. >> right. the white on the dogs matches the clouds that we've had move into the area and a couple of sprinkles. you'll see in the northeast corner of the state reaching northwestward toward york, pennsylvania, a couple of radar returns, echoes. there might be a shower or a couple of sprinkles in harford county, cecil county, toward york, moving east-southeast quickly, doesn't amount to anything and eventually clouds will move in. this is part of a warm front so we can't complain about that. temperatures have been going up, as well. we'll detail it all coming up in just a minute.
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>> a bombshell resignation in washington is our big story this morning. c.i.a. director david patraeus is stepping down from his post after admitting he had an extramarital affair. >> this morning, nbc news reports his biographer, paula broadwell, is under investigation for improperly trial to access his email and classified information. she's believed to be the other woman in this affair. we get the latest from chris clackum. >> in his resignation to president obama, david patraeus wrote, "after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours." patraeus resigns days after his boss won re-election but president obama accepted it saying, about patraeus and his
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wife, holly, "i wish them the very best at this difficult time." >>it's too soon to tell today bt for lack of a better term patraeus is a legend, one of the to get so much credit. >> patraeus was scheduled to testify at house and senate hearings next week on the terrorist attack in september on the american embassy in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. >> this is really probably the most politically uncomfortable -- leaving aside the stuff with the affair -- on the benghazi question -- the most politically uncomfortable moment the guy has had since he reached the national stage. >> the resignation of the highly decorated former combat commander caught even washington, d.c. off guard. >> the resignation of general patraeus comes on the heels of a new conference where president obama said the majority of americans agree with his
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approach to averting the so-called fiscal cliff. the deadline for a deal to avert the scenario is january 1 when a combination of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts will take effect if congress fails to act. the congressional budget office says they could send the economy into deep recession and raise taxes for 90% of u.s. households. >> more would be taken out of your check, you'd have less to spend and the impact would be substantial. think of the coffee shop across the street from a plant that makes weapons. the ripple effect on workers and families. >> the president urged congress to extend tax cuts for the middle class now while negotiations continue on a broader deficit reduction deal. >> if washington can't get a deal done before january when we go off the proverbial cliff, experts say maryland would hit the ground harder than other states.
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>> as politicians stake positions on how to avoid a fiscal cliff. >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the deficit. >> the problem with raising taxes on the wealthiest americans is more than half of them are small business owners. >> maryland is most likely positioned for a financial fall. if washington must slash spending, government jobs could go down with it. according to maryland's department of budget and management, nearly 6% of the state's work force are federal employees, well above the national average of 2%. maryland houses many major government institutions like aberdeen proving ground, fort meade, the naval academy, n.i.h. and the n.s.a., all would see drastic research funding cuts. half of the automatic federal spending cuts slated to begin in january hit the department of defense. we are one of the most defensive states in the country. maryland is very much in the crosshairs of the fiscal cliff. economist innerbun basue points
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to one of baltimore's crown jewels -- john's hopkins university. it would take a big hit because it's the leading recipient of n.i.h. research grants. the fiscal cliff isn't just about spending cuts. tax increases would have to happen, too. since maryland is considered a higher income state, more money would come out of more of your pockets and also we have more investment income. capital gains and dividend tax rates are scheduled to rise january 1. if congress and the president don't come up with a solution, experts predict maryland will be in a recession by early next year. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as we explained the fiscal cliff in greater detail, particularly how we got here and what happens if the deal isn't reached, that's on, click on project economy >> maryland families hard hit by the mortgage crisis got some help when five banks agreed to a financial settlement but this morning, a consumer group wonders if certain communities
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are being left out. the maryland consumer rights coalition says it wants information showing which zip codes are getting help to avoid foreclosure. maryland is receiving nearly $1 billion from the settlement. officials say it appears much of the money has gone to wealthier neighborhoods, not to middle or low income families. the group claims zip code information will determine exactly how the money is being distributed. >> it's critical information to have because we know that in maryland, some areas like baltimore city, baltimore county and prince george's county have been the hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. we want to make sure the relief is commensurate. >> the coalition is asking the settlement monitor to get the banks to release the zip code information. the monitor tells 11 news it's an important issue being considered. >> 9:06 and 48 degrees at b.w.i.
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dr. kim hammond joins us to answer pet questions. >> up next, we will take you to the irish festival. >> plus -- recounting the achievements of john's hopkins hospital. we'll talk to the author of this new book coming up.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> this morning right around sunrise we were sunny in baltimore but there were clouds to the northwest, they've slipped into the area and there's been rain in those, not much. sprinkles, brief light rain showers mostly in pennsylvania but drifted into parts of harford and cecil county along
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i-95 and reaches up toward york. i've circled baltimore and the beltway to give you a reference point on the map. this is moving quickly and it's insignificant rain shower activity, maybe enough to dampen the pavement. toward york and the pennsylvania line, a couple of places may be down near freezing and there could be slippery spots on the road but as temperatures rise, that will be less of a problem. this is moving out of the area so eventually we will lose what little bit of rain is on the radar and the clouds, as well. all in all, the day will be fine. there you see the clouds that have moved in on the picture this morning and just an hour ago that was all sunshine. 48 degrees at b.w.i. marshall, 52 at the innerharbor, 71%, humidity. it's felt cold the past couple of weeks and past couple of days. the humidity is quite high now
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compared to what it was a day or so ago in the area. here we see the cloud picture with the clouds moving into the region coming out of the north. this is all connected to a cold front or warm front moving into the area. the temperatures aren't that evident right now but we're already reaching temperatures now that were highs a couple of days ago. it's 48 at rock hall, 46, ridgely, elkton, 44. parkton, 45. frederick is 43 degrees and on the other side of the mountains the temperatures come up considerably so here we see the rain activity, light showers mostly in pennsylvania, a little into northeast maryland, connected with a stationary front that's stalled. the key to us, this is mild air coming in. high pressure along the coach,
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winds more southerly and respond with warmer conditions because the jet stream which was riding low over us a couple of days ago has pushed to the north and pushed the coldest air up north, allowing the warm stuff to come in. the warmest is in the plain states and that's tomorrow's weather. today, into the 60's for highs with south winds at five and generally partly cloudy, and a morning sprinkle or brief light shower. future cast shows the clouds moving out of the picture, dry through sunday but into monday and tuesday we pick up more cloudiness so baseball weather tomorrow looks pretty good. monday we pick up clouds and eventually the cold front comes into the picture. >> football! >> did i say baseball? i meant to say football. there might be snows in the mountains. here's the football forecast tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, mild, 63 to 67 for the high. the forecast -- remember tomorrow's veterans day, too, so
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we will have nice weather the weekend and be in the 60's by monday but monday night and tuesday, rain chances and cool again. >> if you're looking for something to do with the 93 this weekend the timonium fair grounds is the mace to -- placeo be. >> that's where the irish festival is taking place. tell us what we can expect at the festival? >> expect a lot of fun. it's the irish. we have 156,000 square feet of entertainment for you. we have tons of music, phenomenal food, maybe a guinness or two. and lots of cultural activities, as well, and children's area. >> what's going on next to you? >> this is tim, he's weaving irish linen and they do it from all the spinning wheel, the tiny yarn and make everything hand made. >> those are things we can purchase if we go on out there.
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>> yeah, there's tons of vendors. we have 78 vendors this year so you can get christmas shopping done. >> musical acts, as well? >> non-stop music with three different stages, international acts coming, screaming orphans, the rovers from annapolis and traditional music, as well. >> we see folks behind you in green shirts. what are they doing back there? >> prepping for the children's area, the crafts. we have craft sessions for children, tunes for tots, teaches them tin whistle and all that's free, as well. >> sounds like a lot of fun. you do not have to be irish to go to this festival and a good place to dispel the rumor about irish food not being so great. >> we prepare all the food ourselves and our chairman of the board and our chef is executive technical chef from mccormick spice company. >> you say a guinness or two. i imagine more than that. >> i think we are -- i think we're the largest bulk sale
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customer and open for 23 hours. >> don't have too much fun out there. thank you so much for joining us. certainly appreciate it. irish festival at the timonium fair grounds. >> it's one of the most respected institutions in the world right here in baltimore. coming up, we learn more about john's hopkins hospital from the man who wrote the book about it. >> and bond, james bond, is back in an adventure some are calling the franchise's best yet. the review of "skyfall" still ahead. >> also, dr. kim hammond will answer pet questions.
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>> welcome back. exploring the rich history of john's hopkins in his book "leading the way," neal grewer looks at the history of john's hopkins medicine. when we say he wrote the book, it is a very heavy, big book. how long did this take to you write? >> 3 1/2 years. >> and reaction so far? >> has been very good, very good. >> why did you write this book? >> there hadn't been a major history of john's hopkins for more than 20 years and a great deal has happened over the past 20 years in american medicine and at hopkins itself and also we were in the midst of one of the largest hospital reconstruction projects in the the united states, the building of the new clinical towers at john's hopkins hospital when opened earlier this year so they wanted a book to come out in conjunction with
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that. >> to illustrate what it is they've done, how the hospital's expanded. >> and all of the new developments over the past 20 which include the winning of two nobel prizes, several presidential medals of freedom, several national medals of science, several mccarthy genius awards, quite a lot. >> obviously hopkins gets its reputation because of the many firsts that have happened there. can you tell about some of those? >> the founding of the medical school in 1893, it was the first medical school to admit women on an equal basis with men, and it was the first medical school that required applicants to have a undergraduate college degree, and it is the birthplace of american pediatrics, the birthplace of urology, the birthplace of neurosurgery in
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the united states. >> often called the big four. >> the big four were the founding physicians of hopkins medicine -- william welsh who was the first dean of the school of medicine -- william halsted, founder of modern antiseptic surgery in the united states. that's a famous painting by john singer sergeant and that's welsh on the left, halsted standing behind him. seated going to the right is sir william osler, the finest internist and educator, and that's a picture of levi watkins who implanted first automatic defibrillator in the world at hopkins in 1980. that's kofi bahini, who along with dr. alfredo, invented a new way of removing brain tumor by
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going through a patient's eyelid. >> he's often known as dr. q, is right? >> not this fellow but the famous dr. q. >> the one you were talking about. >> that's pete agrey who, in 2003, won the nobel prize for chemistry, for discovering the protein aqaporin and that's a picture of a test run, so to speak, on a surgery with ben carson in 1968. he was first -- 1987, rather. was the first to separate conjoined twins who were joined at the head. >> it had to have been so exciting to write this book and explore everything hopkins has done and people that contributed all these years. >> very much so and it was a great honor to meet a lot of these individuals and to a person, they were extraordinarily helpful and and cooperative and
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they reflected the hopkins ethos which is collegiality. >> if we want to find this book? >> on the john's hopkins press website and other websites that sell books and at barnes & noble book stores. >> stan stoval would like you to sign this before you leave. for coming. much in certainly appreciate it. >> my honor, thank you very much. >> dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. he's here with three large dogs. first, a look at events around town
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>> welcome back. joining us to answer your pet questions, dr. kim hammond and family.a >> these are great pyrenees, interesting dogs. these dogs probably had their origin somewhere in siberia and then long, long ago, they kind of -- maybe even asia. they came across to europe when the continents were sorted together. they're flock dogs. they'll guard your flock. if they're provoked, they become incredible defenders of their turf and not these specifically, john, but -- so people use them
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to guard their herds and they're really cool dogs. >> these are brothers and sisters. >> yeah, and puppies. >> puppies? >> i'm teasing. >> full grown, right? i hope so. >> oh, yeah. >> a couple of questions here. can i make my cat stop biting. he used to bite furniture but since our other cat died, he started to bite people. >> you have to stop that. unless you negtivity reinforce it, it will continue. there are a lot of behavioral reasons for it but if you know your cat is going to bite, get a little water pistol, squirt gun and squirt it in the face with water. we to that with tigers. it will stop them. >> a tiger? >> it will stop a tiger but i'm not going to recommend that as the only defense for a tiger. but the other thing is, you want to positively reinforce other
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behavior as opposed to saying no to drugs, say yes to basketball. my point is, you want to really very effectively give these cats something fun to do and i would get cat nip and things like that to play with. >> this guy's nervous. why does a dog this size have to be nervous? but he's shaking. >> he's never been on tv before. >> when my pug walks, his front paws turn under so he's walking on the top of his his paws and it rubs his skin and fur comes off and he bleeds. >> let me put a big flashing light. see a neurologist, see a neurologist. dr. gainsberg in catonsville is a good guy to call. when your dog is not understanding proprioceptive behavior, it doesn't know where its paw is so it's knuckling, the message from the brain and spinal cord to the paw is disrupted and you need to see the neurologist. it may be a slipped disk or
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something else. >> thanks a lot. you guys are terrific. >> this is a winter day. >> nice and warm. these are great pyrenees, a family and they are full grown. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one.
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i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking.
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this is 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> let's look outside with john. i posted on my facebook page how it's going to be a great day. >> cloudy for a little bit but that's just kind of a transitory thing, it's not going to last all day. >> make it go away. >> a couple of sprinkles and showers. i'll show you on the radar right now. brush myself off. i have dog hair. it's going to make me sneeze in a minute. take a look at the radar. i've got the satellite in there, too, the white hazy look. the clouds have drifted in connected with warmer air moving into the area so it squeezed a little moisture out of the area. we are more humid than we were yesterday or the day before and we've squeezed a couple of sprinkles up in harford and cecil county, most of it has been up in pennsylvania and it's
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in the process of going away. it's not a huge area of cloudiness so eventually we will have sun back and a nice weekend. >> thank you, john. businesses have reopened after the water main break in midtown baltimore. the crews still have a long way to go to repair the mess. the water main at north charles and 20th streets broke on wednesday, flooding streets and shutting down traffic. kai reed has the latest. >> drivers once again able to cruise down north avenue, a small sign of progress. in what will be a long journey at north charles and 20th. crews are still analyzing the water main that ruptured there wednesday morning, flooding the area and shutting down roads in one of the busiest parts of the city. >> especially for us, i mean, nothing bad happens. >> this is julio diaz's surveillance video showing the seconds after the water started gushing down charles street.
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he was finally able to reopen on friday after closing down for two days. >> i don't have nowhere near the business i normally get but for me, safety come first, i guess. i guess we will recover from this as soon as they get the sidewalk. >> while crews are hoping to start working on repairing the main by monday, b.p.w. is concentrating on the city's long-term plan to improve infrastructure. the ruptured water main was 90 years old, manufactured in 1913 and installed in the early 1920's. >> we also need to increase the amount of water mains we replace. >> right now, the city replaces fewer than five miles of water main a year. by next year, they want to increase that to 20 miles a year and then in five mile increments every year with the goal of replacing 150 miles of water main by 2017. >> a step up to that over the next five years going from 20,
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25, 30, 35, 40. that's $300 million. >> $300 million to be partly funded by increases to customer water bills. city officials say the infrastructure will continue to crack without it. >> it's bound to happen unless you address something like this. >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> we are told the crews will bring in the machinery for that repair work this weekend and hope to start work by monday. b.g.e. officials say gas has been restored and the charles street and 20th street areas will be closed for the foreseeable future. >> there are some stories you hear that make you go, really? this morning, kate amara has one of those stories about our very own ray lewis. >> ray lewis, the linebacker, has someone he wants you to
9:34 am
meet -- ray lewis, the artist. >> the total opposite of my everyday world. my everyday world is real loud. photographer is quiet. >> photography is his medium, the sun is his subject and in baltimore friday night at the non-profit maryland art place, ray lewis showed his work to the public for the very first time. >> as you see, all of my photography is of a sunset, sunrise, something of nature, because for me, being connected to the spirit the way i am, it blows my mind every day how those miracles can happen day in and day out, day in and day out. >> this is a juried show meaning it was really tough to get into. it is a world ass exhibition full of prominent artists from across the state and ray lewis is showing alongside them. >> i know, real big-time because i read up on a lot of people, a lot of photographers that's going to be here and i was like oh, my gosh i'm with them? but i think it's an honor. >> he says he's been at it for 10 years now, starting shooting on film. the gallery's executive director
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says ray has a good eye. >> it's all in various environments. you have water, you have land and they're beautiful and ambient. >> everything in the show is for sale including our ravens' sun diary series and that means some savvy art fans have a chance to take home a little piece of the other ray lewis. in baltimore, i'm kate amara, wbal-tv. >> 9:35 and 48 degrees at b.w.i. a combination of lack of sleep and junk food makes for a bad recipe. our woman's doctor talks about that when we return. >> and a world class chef unleashes her skills in the 11 news kitchen. the baltimore outreach service is here with their cook book. >> all in all, the weekend will be fine, details coming up.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> good morning. we had a beautiful sunrise this morning. clouds have drifted in, warm air has moved into the area so it's clouded us up and a couple of showers and sprinkles are squeezed out of it, mostly in cecil county, northern delaware and back into pennsylvania toward york. temperatures are rising so the freezing possibility in pennsylvania has gone away for the most part. i've circleled baltimore to give you an idea. the rain and cloudiness won't last long and the rest of the weekend will be just fine and i mentioned, it's warmer air coming in that's generating this stuff so that's the upside to the whole thing. there's the picture outside. really pretty but you can see clouds. 48 at b.w.i. marshall, 52 at the inner harbor. the morning low this morning at airport was 34 and so just above
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the freezing mark. right now it's 48 degrees at rock hill on the eastern shore -- rock hall. perryman is 47. parkton, 45, mount ari the same. 43 at frederick. closer to the bay, readings are warmer and away from the water, temperatures have cooled down a bit. satellite image shows clouds associated with this warmer air coming in and there's quite a bit of it in pennsylvania and new york state but that's also where the coldest air has been and it generates some of the cloudiness. here's the front, the boundary dividing the chilly air with the mild stuff that we have coming in. high pressure is what's going to give us really good weather during the day today, even snow in minnesota. warm air rising and bumping into cold air is generating rains in the great lakes. but there is a storm out west
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and eventually that comes in so it will be a few days so the timing is just right and alignment of the jet stream is just right, it's allowing warmer air to come in. the jet was taking a nosedive over the east coast and we were chilly and windy. that's moved out and now the jet is riding north. eventually the storm out west comes in and the jet comes down again so we will get chilly once more but not immediately. here's the warming trend, really evident today in the plain states and we get some of that during the day tomorrow. 59 to 64 today, light south wind, 5 miles an hour. we will average is out and say partly cloudy with more of the clouds this morning and partly coming in this afternoon. the sprinkle is moving to the east of us now. here's the insta-weather future cast showing the batch of moisture pushing out so the rest of the day looks fine. most of the moisture is in the great lakes. the afternoon, this follows the game, we are dry so the game is high and dry for
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sunday. on monday, we pick up clouds and by monday evening, shower activity will extend into tuesday. the mountains probably get snow out of that because cold air is behind the front. for the ravens-raiders game tomorrow, 1:00, mostly sunny, mild, temperatures in the mid maybe upper 60's during the game and here's the seven-day forecast. 62 today, 69 tomorrow, veterans day. and showers after dark on monday so right now it looks like most of monday will be fine and we'll still be in the 60's for highs but as rain picks up monday night into tuesday, temperatures only near 60 and in the 50's and dry the rest of the week. >> it's probably happened to you before, you're sleepy and you're hungry so you grab a snack but that quick choice you make when you're tired is often high in calories and unhealthy. now lack of sleep can add on pounds in this morning's women's doctor. heard it before, there's
9:42 am
a link between sleep deprivation and obesity. mercy medical center's dr. lu says a new study out of the mayo clinic sheds more light on that. >> people who slept five hours on average compared to people who slept six to seven hours took in 550 more calories per day. >> dr. lu says when people are sleep deprived, they make poor life decisions. >> people who are sleep deprived take in more calories but don't seem to expend more calories. >> mercy medical center's dietitian says get a hold of yourself and your habits. >> you're not making good choices and you want quick energy so people go towards donuts and pastries and coke and candy bars. those kinds of foods give you quick energy but burn quickly in your body. she says go for more complex carbohydrates. >> protein and to eat something every few hours to keep that
9:43 am
energy going. >> it's also a good idea to pack some of those healthy snacks like cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers so when you feel the urge to grab something packed with sugar and calories, you have a handy better alternative. and dr. timothy doyle joins us with more information. good morning. >> good morning. >> you hear this study and you're like, wait a minute, don't we already know this? >> it's interesting but a couple of studies have shown that junk food is much more appealing to weary or sleep deprived brains and one study had a group that averaged four hours of sleep per night, sounds familiar, with another group that had nine hours of sleep per night and they showed both groups pictures of pastries and donuts and candy bars and found that only the group that was sleep deprived had a positive response to the junk food. the other group, no response at all. >> i wonder, you were a med student at one point in time,
9:44 am
i'm sure you ate junk food. >> i did. it was quick energy, you're sleep deprived and hungry and you need the boost and a chocolate bar or donut gives you that boost you need, unfortunately, it burns out quickly. >> people who work in the middle of the night, shift work, what kinds of things -- kelly touched on it a little bit -- but if you don't want to eat breakfasty things, they're packed with sugar. >> you want to make healthy choices so go with foods, protein foods, complex carbohydrates. you want to try to eat at least every four hours so it keeps your energy level up and you don't crash. the other thing is to pack healthy snacks like peanut butter and crackers, cheese, things like that. >> what are the complex breakfast items. >> complex breakfast items are bread, wheat bread, whole grain
9:45 am
cereal is wonderful. cereal bars and things of that sort. >> oatmeal? >> oatmeal is great. oatmeal's a great option. >> those kinds of things. ok. but stay away from the donuts. >> stay away from the donuts. >> and strudel. >> it looks great but not good for you. >> not on your hips. >> not at all. >> thanks so much, dr. doyle. if you have other questions or would like a referral, call 1800m-d mercy. >> after convincing many he was dead, james bond must prove he's alive and hasn't lost his edge. max's review of "skyfall" when we return.
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>> welcome back. director steven spielberg is taking movie goers back in time with lincoln." daniel day-lewis plays the 16th american president caught in a battle between his personal instincts and cabinet. "lincoln" chronicles the president's leadership during one of the nation's most divisive times, as well as his decision emancipate slaves, just one of the new movies in theaters across the country this weekend. max, you've already seen it. >> it comes next week, i'll review it then but you can see daniel day-lewis as lincoln is astonishing, like he came right off the penny on to the screen. we will review that next week. >> big in theaters, jilve. >> "skyfall," yes. i really liked "skyfall." i think it's the most fun we've had with bond in a while but it
9:49 am
kind of made me realize something which is that i'm not totally in love with daniel craig as james bond. >> he's not doing it for you anymore? >> this is controversial because everyone is like he's the best after connery but to me, bond is supposed to have a twinkle in his eye, a bit of mischief. he's bond, he's the luckiest, coolest guy in the world and i feel like daniel craig is a little super serious, he's a dour guy. he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would love a martini or aston martin. >> lacking in charisma. >> it's more this idea that there's this delicious secret james bond has and i don't get that with craig. he's cool. you know what he is, basically, he's jason bourne. when they first cast him, they were looking at the jason bourne franchise and they wanted that kind of action hero, a strong silent type, but the thing about
9:50 am
"skyfall," "skyfall" harks back to the old school bond when bond was more fun and more playful and i love that about bond so it made me realize that even though i like daniel craig as an actor, i don't love him as bond but the movie is cool. it starts in the beginning, a huge chase scene they have at the beginning of every bond film and at the end of the scene he's presumed dead. it's five minutes into the film so we're pretty sure he's not dead, otherwise it's a spiritual realm. but he's in hiding, in retirement, presumed dead but m16 is under attack and that brings him out of hiding and he has to come back to save judi dench's m and save m16 and there's all sorts of great stuff with judi dench as m. she's got a really juicy part in this and there is a new q in this film, as well, played by
9:51 am
ben wishal, which is very fun. all of the sets are amazing, shanghai, the action, javier bardem as the bad guy. he's juicy, he's colorful. he used to be with m16 and now he's angry because he feels betrayed so he has it out for m. >> the story line is good. >> i love the story line, i love the direction, i love the action, i even like daniel craig. >> but you don't love him. >> i don't love him. >> you did give it -- >> three stars for "skyfall." >> we are quickly running out of time. >> a movie called the sessions" in theaters right now that i recommend highly. it will be an oscar player. it's about a guy with polio who hires a sex surrogate played by helen hunt to initiate him into the ways of sex. it sounds like a jiky premise, it's risque, definitely an adult film but it's actually charming and fascinating and fun and frank and i really recommend this film very highly so you can catch it in local theaters, the
9:52 am
"sessions," i predict oscar nominations for john hawkins and helen hunt. 3 1/2 stars for that. >> john has another look at the forecast when we retur
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>> welcome back, everyone. baltimore outreach services is celebrating its 10th year and doing so with a new cookbook. connie crabtree and latresia me with more on the work of art they have, the cook book right there. welcome. >> welcome to you. thanks for having us. >> thank you. before we get into what you do,
9:55 am
what are you making today? >> something really easy from the cookbook anybody can do, a salted almond tappinad with dried cranberries and cherries and caramel. this is caramel you buy for ice cream, low fat, sugar free. it's a lot of fun. >> we have leticia doing some -- cutting up almonds. tell us about baltimore outreach services. maybe she can start the process. >> she can. you can put those right on in there for us. it's an emergency shelter for women and children on federal hill in down the baltimore and celebrating 10 years. i teach a culinary job readiness program, it's job training. it's for entry level prep cooks and leticia's one of my graduates. >> and she just put cranberries
9:56 am
in there. >> she's put dried cranberries, the chopped almonds. you can also use dried cherries. and the key ingredient is just caramel. i like the caramel that comes in the squeeze bottle because it's a little smoother. very simple. it's a great, easy -- >> right here in the cookbook. we can find the cookbook where? >> on our website, and you can find it -- >> what did you put in there? >> heavy cream to thin that up. it thins it a little. you don't want it to get too stiff and that helps keep it that way so you just mix these ingredients around. you can do this ahead. you can serve it in a bowl like this. you can go ahead and put it -- this is a nice blue cheese we've done this with and when we finish this one, we will pour it
9:57 am
over the cheese. yeah. >> sounds delicious. >> leticia, how was baltimore outreach helpful for you. you have a real skill now? >> the culinary which i appreciated and helped me find apartment, housing for me and my son and provided me with a job. it helped me out a lot. >> people who buy this book will be helping out, women who need emergency shelter. >> absolutely. all of the proceeds from our book go to the shelter and we do have a book launch next friday evening and all of the original art in the book will be on display. >> great. where's the launch going to be? >> at christ lutheran church where the shelter is, 701 south charles street. >> john? >> a look at the weather. great today, clouds this morning and maybe a sprinkle but the rest of the weekend, sunny with highs in the 60's. >> that's lovely. thank you all for joining us.
9:58 am
thank you for joining us. have a great day.
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